Zip Code Based Chiropractic Online Marketing Tip

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

When choosing a proximity based keyword to promote your chiropractic online marketing, consider your zip code.

Research has shown that the typical patient who lives in a larger city but not in an identifiable suburb or community will Google their zip code when looking for a chiropractor.

If it’s a larger city the potential patient when looking for a chiropractor online will Google their zip code over the name of the larger city. They do this for an obvious reason, they know they do not want to travel all over a large city for chiropractic services.

So chiropractors who are using the name of the large city for their chiropractic online marketing will not show up in the Google search and completely miss these potential online patients.

How they will Google the zip code can vary in the following formats:

  • chiropractor zip code
  • chiropractic zip code
  • chiropractic office zip code
  • chiropractors zip code
  • zip code chiropractor
  • zip code chiropractors
  • zip code chiropractic office

The are the most common forms of search when potential patients are on the internet looking  for a chiropractor.

It is important you have content in all forms:video, blog, and articles that are search engine optimized for these proximity keywords to capture these patients.

If your looking to grow your practice with chiropractic online marketing give me a call we cover 20 proximity keywords for our clients and 129 total keywords.

Call for chiropractic online marketing at 813-480-1693.

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