Wrong Chiropractic Online Marketing Strategy

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

I recently attended the monthly chiropractic association meeting and the speaker was talking about chiropractic online marketing.

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One of the main points the speaker made with his product was trying to change consumer behavior. Now they did not know that that is what he was trying to do but that was in essence the concept.

The chiropractic profession has for over 130 years tried to change consumer behavior instead of recognizing why consumers buy what they buy and appealing to those principles.

Lets face it we as consumers buy things for many different reasons and sometimes the reason is not very apparent. The one fact you can look at when marketing is what has worked over time.

Statistics on chiropractic online marketing do not lie.

The concept is the single most important concept in marketing, it is called “reverse engineering”. If you would just learn how to reverse engineer the who, why, how, when, what of chiropractic online marketing your chances of success will significantly increase.

So what should you reverse engineer when it comes to chiropractic online marketing, everything.

  • Demographics
  • Geographics
  • Psychograpics
  • Unique Sales Position
  • Vehicle of Communication
  • Primary Needs
  • Primary Obstacles

Find what is working and reverse engineer the marketing. This is one siple way to increase your chiropractic online marketing.

So where can you learn all this information? The professional journals and research articles are full on information on chiropractic online marketing.

Once again I am referring to what is and has worked versus trying to change human behavior. There are plenty of bankrupt chiropractors who tried to change human behavior, and not just chiropractors for that matter. Trying to change human behavior is a common pitfall of the ignorant.

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