Use Long Tail Keywords in Website

Short tail keyword are not as effective and highly competitive

When I evaluate the competition websites for keywords they are frequently using short tail keywords.

Short tail keywords are words such as back pain, auto accident.

These are the two main reason why you should not use short tail keywords.

  1. Not specific for you target market
  2. High competition

When you use short tail keywords in your website they can attract all sorts of visitors. You do not want all sorts of visitors, you want visitors who want your services.

One example is using only low back pain as a keyword.

Consider some of the possibilities of who would be searching for that term.

Research students, nurses, administrators searching on behalf of employee, someone looking for medication.

The point is they are not wanting chiropractic care. Your goal when marketing on the Internet is to not just attract any person that can use a computer.

The goal of Internet marketing is to target the specific person who is wanting your service.

Also when you choose a short tail keyword it will be very difficult to reach the first page due to the competitive nature of short tail words.

Lastly, generally speaking when people use short tail keywords they are looking for information. When they put in the search box very specific words they are ready to buy.

So using low back pain as an example, these are some alternative considerations.

Over 75% of searches are proximity based, so add your proximity to the keyword. aka Springfield low back pain.

Better yet add your profession which would definitely mean someone is wanting a chiropractor. aka Springfield chiropractor low back pain.

The individual who searches for low back pain vs. Springfield chiropractor low back pain have two very different motives.

Secondly because it is much more specific and narrow there will be less competition meaning time and money spent ranking for the keyword.

So in this example the long tail keyword would be: “Springfield chiropractor low back pain”

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