Why Working with the Best Chiropractic PI Attorneys is Very Important

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Internet Marketing Expert

The attorney: Working with the best chiropractic PI attorney is vital. If an attorney routinely settles personal injury cases for little to nothing this affects all future chiropractic PI cases. Every chiropractic PI case is tracked in Colossus.

Every 12 year, the numbers are modified and if multiple low PI case settlements are included into the statistics, the general value of personal injury cases is decreased

This then causes every future case to worth less.

Since each chiropractic personal injury provider is tracked by several elements (two of which are the settlement dollars of cases in which you are involved, as well as settlement dollars of attorneys with whom youshare cases), it is important that doctors are associated with cases that settle for the highest amounts possible.

Otherwise, simply having your name or the name of a “low level” attorney on the case will decrease the value of the claim.

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