What Works Best for Chiropractic PI Marketing: Sales vs Advertising

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing Expert

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The question of what works best for chiropractic PI marketing depends on the market source. Let me be more specific.

Advertising is used for a market that already has a perceived need, sales works best on a market that does not have a perceived need

So the first aspect of your chiropractic PI marketing is to determine if your target market already has a perceived need.

The second factor you would want to look at is how large is that segment of the market.

As an example using chiropractic patient statistics. Only eight percent of the population utilizes and looks for chiropractors. So the perceived need already exists therefore to attract this segment of the market you would want to use advertising.

However the bad news is only eight percent of the market is looking which is very small especially is you consider your radius of draw.

If only eight percent of the market is searching for chiropractors that leaves a potential of ninety two percent who are not. The question then becomes how many of those have a problem of which chiropractic could help.

In this example of chiropractic PI marketing of sales vs advertising three out of four people in the ninety two percent have some form of back pain.

The bad news is they are not searching for chiropractors and herein lies the problem. If you were going to try and capture any portion that market share you would need to use sales. The primary reason you would need to use sales is they do not have a perceived need.

Sales is the process of taking a target market and moving them through three phases of awareness.

  1. Admit
  2. Consequences
  3. Personalization

When you have the ability to take a segment of the market and  move them through these phases of awareness you potential share of the market place significantly increases. So much so that you personally would not be able to handle all the new business.

For more information on how we set up automated chiropractic PI marketing and teach you the knowledge and the skill set of advertising vs sales give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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