What Should Be Chiropractic Online Marketing Non Compete Radius

Dr. Paul Hollern Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

I recently had a discussion with a potential client asking about a non compete radius for chiropractic online marketing.

His concern was in the past marketers have violated the non compete or did not give a non compete agreement.

A non compete being the geographic area in which that business will not work with another chiropractor.

My first response was astonishment. I was vaguely aware of marketing companies not offering a non compete or violating it.

Let me say up front those chiropractic online marketing companies are probably no longer around.

You do not last long in business when your present business model is to compete against your present paying clients.

Having said that here is what you should expect from any marketing company in regards to a non compete.

The 80% radius or draw to that business.

You see not all business have the same radius of draw.

  • A chiropractic office in the inner city will get 80% of their business from within a one mile draw.
  • A chiropractic office in the suburb will get 80 of their business within a 3 mile draw.
  • A chiropractic office in the country will get  their business within a 7 mile draw.

The general rule is the closer the people the less further they are willing to travel.

Having said that it is also important to remember that potential patients who Google looking for a chiropractor will not Google a large geographic area.

My experience with chiropractors is they want a much larger radius of non compete for their chiropractic online marketing.

In my experience this comes from a chiropractor non knowing a geographic radius of their target marketing and a lot of insecurity.

Having said all of that you chiropractic online marketing radius for any marketing company you hire should follow the Prado Law of marketing and the 80% rules. No more, no less.

For more information how to get more new patients from chiropractic online marketing call me at 813-480-1693.

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