What does Online Chiropractic Marketing and Pirates have in Common?

Dr. Paul Hollern and the Pirate at Kentucky Derby

Online Chiropractic Marketing Founder Dr. Paul Hollern at KY Derby

Online Chiropractic Marketing Founder Dr. Paul Hollern at KY Derby


Absolutely Nothing! Then why is this a blog on online chiropractic marketing?

One of the basic premises of marketing is be different, unique, or unusual. Professionals and chiropractors alike are somewhat scared of stepping out of the chiropractic marketing box. I have found most chiropractors are scared of trying anything different or unusual. What they do not realize is different and unusual is what gets attention.

What I go to sporting events and such I try to get the mascots or some other unique character on video or photo. Unusual and different attracts attention. This pirate had a waiting line at the Kentucky derby to get his picture taken. If he had not had on the pirate outfit nobody would have cared and you would not have seen this photo.

Be unique or different in your online chiropractic marketing

I always tell my clients if you marketing makes you “feel warm and comfortable it’s worthless” if your online chiropractic marketing makes you feel uncomfortable or out there you have probably struck a cord.

Try it, be different or unusual in your next online chiropractic marketing campaign.

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