Top Chiropractic PI Marketing Programs

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing Expert

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These are the top 5 chiropractic PI marketing programs:

  1. Past Patients
  2. Present Patients
  3. PI Attorney Marketing
  4. Organic Internet Marketing
  5. Pay Per Click Internet Marketing

Past Patients:

The average number of people in a carĀ  accident is 2%. The average number of people in the circle of influence is seven. Multiply your patient base times 7 will give you the total number of PI patients with a higher degree of trust. The highest form of trust marketing is to your past patietns. They already know, like and trust you and they and their family members are regularly getting into car accidents at a rate of 2 percents.

Multiply your patients base times 7 to get your total influence. Then multiply that number times your case average for a PI patient. This can easily add up to over 200K annually.

Present Patients:

Do the same math with your present patients. The average chiropractor sees 18 new patients visits a month. Multiply 18 times the 7 circle of influence and then times 2 which represents the number of patients in a car accident annually. Take that number times your case average and you can see it can be very lucrative marketing for PI patient to your past and presents patients.

PI Attorney Marketing:

The next chiropractic PI marketing program is PI attorneys. The majority of PI attorneys do not work with chiropractors. With the right message and systems this is a wide open marketing.

Organic Internet Marketing:

Organic search represent 80% of all people looking for health solutions. Sixty seven percent of the people with google the Internet for their condition prior to making the first phone call to schedule a doctor appointment.

Internet Pay Per Click Marketing:

Pay per click internet chiropractic marketing is important because nobody will click on your ad unless they ar4e personally experience ing the problem. You do not pay for marketing unless you have a very receptive possible patients.

These are the top 5 chiropractic PI marketing programs. If your wanting to increase your chiropractic PI marketing give me a call at (813) 480-1693.

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