Top 3 Working Trends Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, PI Marketing Expert

After looking at the data and return on investment their are 3 trends that seem to be working for chiropractic personal injury marketing.

  1. Pay Per Click
  2. Attorney Educational Sales
  3. Insurance Videos

Pay per click is a what I call the ultimate advertising machine. Their are 10 variables you can control with PPC. If you are selective in each of these categories then PPC is the most effective and greatest return on investment for chiropractic personal injury marketing.

Attorney educational sales will always be the single most effective knowledge and skill set you can own. Converting one attorney into referring their clients can easily bring over 100K annually. This can and does happen for my clients. As an example one client focused on PI attorney educational sales and in 4 months increased his gross annuall revenues by 400K annually.

Insurance videos on the internet continue to bring in chiropractic personal injury patients. Most patients when searching for a doctor will Google their insurance company to find which providers are on their insurance. Even though this is not true for car insurance they have been trained by their major medical insurance to find providers using this method. So having videos of the doctor on the internet which are search engine optimized for all the car insurance carriers in your area is one of the top 3 most effective chiropractic personal injury marketing strategies.

In closing, after reviewing last years chiropractic personal injury marketing return on investment the three trends are pay per click advertising, personal injury attorney educational sales and internet based insurance videos.







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