Top 3 Chiropractic Online Marketing Keywords

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing

When using Chiropractic Online Marketing keywords the top 3 keywords are not main words but secondary action words.

The top 3 chiropractic online marketing keywords are treatment, therapy and relief.

The main words like back pain or neck pain are searched for when people are gathering information. However when they search for back pain treatment they are now looking to act.

When search engine optimizing you chief complaints keywords be sure to create content in each category or symptom.

An example word be to create chiropractic online marketing material using videos, articles, and blogs on you chief complaint with the action words: treatment, therapy or relief.

You have a better chance of capturing that person because they are looking act and not just gathering information.

By the way the research is showing of the 3 action words, treatment is most often Googled when searched used in conjuction with a symptom or chief complaint.

So when creating content for your chiropractic online marketing be sure to use the action words in your search engine optimization.

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