The Truth About PI Marketing For Chiropractic

Dr. Paul Hollern, PI Marketing For Chiropractic Expert

The simple truth about PI marketing for chiropractic is that their are two main forms of PI marketing. Patient bases and PI attorney based. Sure there are other forms of PI marketing such as marketing to wreckers, auto body dealers etc.

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The fact is the majority of your potential PI patients will come from one of two sources.

  1. The PI attorney
  2. Patient referral or re-activation

As with any marketing you need to know where you will get the largest return for your investment. The absolute largest return for your investment for your PI marketing for chiropractic will be knowing how to “Sale” the PI attorney on referring their clients to your chiropractic office.

The second best source of PI patients can come form your past patient base. You patient base is on average about 2 percent of which will have a auto accident in one year.

If you take your patients and their close family and friends which is usually about 7 and multiply that number this represents the total number of potential PI cases annually. Your past patients PI marketing for chiropractic will give you the best return on investment.

Not the difference between these two categories when PI marketing for chiropractic is adverting is used to attract your patient base and their friends and family. Sales is the process of getting referrals from PI attorneys.

Adverting and Sales are two different marketing systems. Knowing which to use for your PI marketing for chiropractic and when is vital for effective e PI marketing for chiropractic.

In addition the message you send obviously will be very different.

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