The Most Searched Online Chiropractic Marketing Keyword

Dr. Paul Hollern, Online Chiropractic Marketing Expert

I’m often asked what is the most searched online chiropractic marketing keyword. The answer is it is a combination of keywords. The first being chiropractor. When potential patients are looking for a chiropractor the most common word they will search is chiropractor not chiropractic.

They will search for chiropractic if they are specifically looking for someone.

The next keyword is their location. This can vary significantly. Most potential patients will not Google a large metropolitan area because they do not want to drive 40 minutes in traffic across town.

The typical word they will use is their small suburb or zip code. They will only use the zip code if there is not a predetermined smaller geographic boundary.

So the most common word to promote for online chiropractic marketing is “Chiropractor in (your location).

If your location is common or their are many similar cities in other states such as Springfield then they will include their state letters such as FL for Florida. They typically will not write out the whole word.

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