The Four Main Categories of Chiropractic Personal Injury Documentation

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Expert

There are four main categories when documenting a personal injury case. Sure there are many that are supplemental however in the end there are only four main factors chiropractors have to document for their personal injury cases.

The Four Categories:

Establishe the relationship and connection of the mechanism of injury damaged what anatomy.

Be able to document as objectively as possible the tissue damage through examanations and diagnostic testig.

Establish impairments to the injuried tissue.

Be able to show the relationship of the damaged tissue as to permanency as it relates to the three phases of healing.

If you can objectively demonstrate these four factors in a personal injury patient you will have won the case.

To the extent of the case in which you won will be determined by third parties.

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