The Absolute Number One Video Using PI Marketing For Chiropractors

Dr. Paul Hollern, PI Marketing For Chiropractors Expert

The absolute number one video you should have online for your chiropractic personal injury marketing is the most searched keyword and the content should be the answer to the most asked question.

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The content should also be in a video format because the potential PI patient will watch a video before the will read a website, blog or article.

The video should have the doctor in the video. They would rather see the doctor than generic content or photos.

By having the doctor in the video it will also increase the trust in the doctor and decrease defenses. Remember PI marketing for chiropractors includes four main goals:

  1. Increase Trust
  2. Increase Confidence
  3. Decrease Resistance
  4. Decrease Defenses

So when you create your content for PI marketing for chiropractors be sure to use the primary factors the primary target market would want and how and where they would want it.

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