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Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Show: Brain Injury

Dr. Paul Hollern Interviews Dr. Steve Wilson

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The most comon overlooked personal injury is traumatic brain injury. Mostly minor overlooked brain injury yet commonly overlooked during a car injury.

The most common symptoms of brain injury are

slurred speech, loss of memory, dizziness or blurred vision.

Not performing the proper consultation or examination when a simple acknowledgment of minor brain injury is missing the potential representation of your patients case.

Soft tissue injury includes minor brain injury testing. However if you are the victim of minor brain injury it is no longer considered minor.

Knowing which test to order to determeitn minor brain injury is imperative for your chiropractic personal injury marmeting.

For more information on choreographic personal injury marketing call (813) 480-1693.

Online Chiropractic Marketing

New Patient Lead Generation Formula

Dr. Paul Hollern Explains Automated New Patient Lead Generation

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Online chiropractic marketing lead generation marketing involves three steps.

  1. Create video answering common chief complaint questions and send to domain squeeze page.
  2. Capture e-mail for automated followup on squeeze page website, offering benefits on why they should give there e-mail.
  3. Use e-mail auto-responder for daily solution videos with a call to action.

This is the online chiropractic marketing new patient lead generation system. It can be used for all gateways, with each chief complaint having it’s own set of question and solution videos.

Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Show: How to Get Started

PI Education, Marketing and Workshops

Dr. Paul Hollern Interviewing Dr. Steve Wilson Chiropractic Neurologist

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On this video Dr. Paul Hollern interviews Dr. Steve Wilson on how he started marketing for PI cases and what worked and what did not work.

What does work:

  • Introducing yourself to PI attorney’s
  • Sponsor local PI attorney event
  • Sponsor PI attorney charity
  • Very good reports

What does not work:

  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Bad reports
  • Not knowing case management
  • 3 phases of healing
  • Not knowing physical medicine effect on healing phases
  • Not knowing how to write reports
  • Not knowing colossus
  • Not knowing how to write a permanent impairment

For more information on how to marketing your chiropractic practice for more PI cases contact Dr. Paul Hollern at 813-480-1693.

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