Chiropractic and Personal Injury Laywers Working Together

Dr. Paul Hollern Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Expert

The single best working relationship when treating soft tisse spinal injuries are chiropractic providers and personal injury Layers.

A well trained and knowledgable chiropractor will have the ability to serve the personal injury laywers and their clients by documenting all possible injuries for maximum reimbursement.

The most common soft tissue injuries are the spinal alterned intersegmental motion, disc injury, nerve injury and mild concussion.

Each injury should have the proper objective documentation identifying the injury and it’s magnitude.

Also the chiropractic provider is best suited to treat these soft tissue spinal injuries through all three phases of healing.

However the problem arises because most personal injury attorneys have no idea how chiropractors can help because the massive confusion the chiropractic industry has created by the subluxation complex and all the claims.

The confusion results in a reaction of the personal injury lawyers just as any of us would act when there is mixed messaging, we back off, get defensive and typically stay away from uncertainty.

So the main goal in trying to establish a relationship with the personal injry lawyers is educationsl sales. This means the doctor must know how to effectively talk to the confused personal injury lawyers to create clarity and establish the fact that yes the chiropractic provider and personal injryu lawyer are the best fit for soft tissue personal injury claims.