How Voluptuous Strippers Will Enlarge Your PI Chiropractic Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, PI Chiropractic Marketing Expert

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Wining and dining in the business community has been the unstated norm for many a business person for many a century.

In this video I cover how to effectively use strippers for your PI chiropractic marketing

I do not mean just any stripper but the stripper of the voluptuous type.

Business has been transacted for century’s with the allure of sexual undertones and in some cases quit overt.

In the past maybe you have paid for lunches for your PI chiropractic marketing. Maybe this would also include a few tickets to you target markets college or pro sporting event.

In any case socializing and business has been around for many a generations. The type of socializing is probably the more relevant of questions.

Is it professional, is it moral, is it ethical, these are just a few of the common questions you will answer on your path to developing and maintaining professional relationships.

So for your PI chiropractic marketing should you consider the use of using voluptuous strippers to gain favor with your PI chiropractic marketing clients.

What the video for some practical insights on how to use voluptuous strippers to enlarge your PI chiropractic marketing effectiveness.

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