The Power of Internet Based Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Systems

Dr. Paul Hollern, Personal Injury Marketing Expert

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The internet leverages many systems to increase your chiropractic personal injury marketing. These are a few of the reasons the internet is the premiere marketing vehicle of delivery.

  • You can search engine optimize keywords and draw in a focused narrow target market.
  • Visual media, 55% of how we communicate is visually, the internet offers video presentations.
  • Personal, the internet allows you to personally be in the videos and not an actor. This helps increase trust and confidence and decrease resistance and defenses.
  • You can pick a certain geographic boundary
  • You can use automated follow up, your chances of customer utilization increases 50% of you follow up at least three times.
  • The follow up is free when you use e-mail auto-responders.

Twenty years ago we did not have any of these factors for our chiropractic personal injury marketing. Today it’s a whole different story. The internet has made marketing much more effective and less expensive for the small business chiropractor.

If your not familiar with the power of chiropractic personal injury marketing systems give me a call, I work with chiropractors from all over the country.

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