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Online Chiropractic Marketing Teaches Your Chiropractic Assistant Marketing

Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems, Dr. Paul Hollern

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Our chiropractic marketing assistant training teaches your chiropractic marketing assistant the 9 introduction marketing systems I used to open 77 offices seeing over 600K patient visits.

How would you like to have your staff trained in the most effective and least costly marketing systems?

How would you like to have your staff bring in an extra 20 new patients a month without you?

Well this is exactly what I did when I opened 77 offices. The staff members were trained in all the marketing systems and they brought in most of the new patients.

Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems teaches what is called introduction systems. Introduction marketing systems is the most effective and least costly.

We specifically target each of your patients circle of influence.

What makes Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems introduction marketing so much more effective than any other chiropractic marketing is we can establish if the the patient has high trust and high need. This is the two criteria which make all marketing much more effective.

For more information on introduction marketing give Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems a call at 813-480-1693.

$10K Month From One Online Chiropractic Marketing System

Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems, Dr. Paul Hollern


One of the most effective and profitable online chiropractic marketing systems is a monthly in office promotion using educational sales to your existing patients circle of influence.

Some of the main key points that make a in office promotion are:

  • Target high trust circle of influence patients
  • Use a specific gateway or problem
  • Must use educational sales not advertising or publicity
  • Know and target the 20% of your patients that refer

The single best type of online chiropractic marketing is introduction marketing or where targeting your best patients circle of influence.

However the bad news is only 8% of them are looking for chiropractors therefore you must know and use educational sales versus advertising.

In this video the chiropractor makes an extra $10K only from using introductory educational sales we teach at Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems.

The best news of it all it there is literally little to no cost because its based on how you communicate with  your existing patients.

For more information on how to use educational sales for your online chiropractic marketing give us a call at 813-480-1693.

Only 2 Social Media Sites Needed for Online Chiropractic Marketing

Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems, Dr. Paul Hollern

There are only 2 social media sites that chiropractors should spend the time or money for their Online Chiropractic Marketing if you are only trying to attract the 8% of the population that are looking for chiropractors.

Those 2 sites are based on where the true market of the potential new Online Chiropractic Marketing patient goes when seeking chiropractic treatment.

  1. Review sites for Google for Business
  2. You Tube condition videos

The bottom line is you should never spend your time or money advertising on Online Chiropractic Marketing where the market does not seek a product or service.

If you did not understand or abide by this seemingly common sense you would be wasting much time and money on Online Chiropractic Marketing.

The flow of a potential new patient is well document and one of the stops is not their twitter feed.

The potential Online Chiropractic Marketing new patients or the 8% searching for chiropractic care follow these steps and therefore this is exactly where you should spend your time or marketing money.

The first place all consumers prefer to go is to a trust source in their family or friends for a referral.

This is why communicating with your past patients is the first place you should market.

Each of your past patients has a circle of influence of 7 and so you can do the math. Multiply your past patients times 7 and then that number times 8% which is the percentage of people actively looking for a chiropractor.

Then if you take that number and divide it by 12 or months in a year and you will have a good rough number of high trust source of potential Online Chiropractic Marketing new patients.

If you multiplied that number again times 2% this would give your the potential of Online Chiropractic Marketing new patients. The 2% number is the percentage of people who are in car accidents annually.

The second Online Chiropractic Marketing source should be insurance videos. Most potential new patients will search google for their insurance company website looking for a participating doctor.

So you should create videos which are search engine optimized so when these potential patients search their insurance website your video shows up answering all their questions with an offer to come in.

The third source is potential Online Chiropractic Marketing new patients will search for a chiropractor in their area. That is called Google for Business.

One of the most influential acts you can do to have a high listing on Google for Business is patient reviews on sites such as Google + and Yelp.

The fourth area potential chiropractic new patients will search is their condition with the word chiropractor and their location.

So YouTube videos should be creates and search engine optimized for these key words so when they search your video will pop up offering a solution and offer to that particular condition.

The last place the 8% look is your office sign. Have a proactive message on your sign that offers a solution to a highly needed subject of your target market that sends them to a Online Chiropractic Marketing link which offers a video solution to their problem.

Because these are the 5 places the 8% who are searching for chiropractors are searching this is why and where you should be spending your time with Online Chiropractic Marketing.

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