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New Patient Personal Injury Marketing Video Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul Hollern, Personal Injury Marketing Systems

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There are many source for personal injury marketing new patients. Understanding the basics of the S-Curve of marketing and how it relates to personal injury marketing will be the number one factor.

Knowing how the market trends and where to spend your time and energy for personal injury marketing is vital for maximize the effectiveness of your personal injury marketing.

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Using Strippers Is Bad Personal Injury Marketing For Chiropractors

Dr. Paul Hollern, Personal Injury Marketing Expert

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Recently one of my clients was telling me of what he knew one of his competitors was doing for their personal injury marketing for chiropractors.

This chiropractor was using strippers for their personal injury marketing.

Now this can get a varied response when read, however let me share with you the not so obvious reason using strippers for your personal injury marketing for chiropractors is a really bad idea.

These are 3 reasons using strippers is a bad idea:

No respect, it will not take long for your PI attorney to lose respect for you and when that happens your done.

Using strippers does not create or fill a personal primary pain based need. This form of need creates the highest and most valuable motivation. Using strippers is not pain bases and there is not a need.

Last it would be just as easy for your competition to offer up two strippers and hopefully you can see that will never end and you will not be able to compete.

So using strippers for your personal injury marketing for chiropractors is a very bad idea.

If you want to know how to create the highest motivation for your personal injury marketing for chiropractors give me a call at 813-480-1693.

Number One Personal Injury Marketing Chiropractic Mistakes

Dr. Paul Hollern, Personal Injury Marketing Chiropractic Expert

One of if not the most important personal injury marketing chiropractic mistakes it to promote chiropractic in your marketing.

As with any of us we are interested in what will benefit us. Selling or promoting chiropractic is the wrong message for personal injury marketing chiropractic.

The message should always be about what is the most valuable to your target market.

Personal injury marketing chiropractic is no different. Your patient message should be within the top 3 categories of what this type of clientele seeks.

Your personal injury marketing chiropractic should be the same concept for increasing your PI attorney referrals.

Your persona injury marketing chiropractic should speak loud and clear the message that is most important to that category.

The PI patients do not care about chiropractic or dentistry or medicine.

The care about solutions to their problem

So when considering your personal injury marketing chiropractic consider your target marketing first before you come up with your primary message.

The best way to come up with your personal injury marketing chiropractic message is to ask your present PI patients what their primary need was after they were involved in a personal injury accident.

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