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Your First Online Chiropractic Marketing System

Start With the Most Effective Marketing

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Chiropractors often ask me which marketing will get you business fast.

The answer is based on trust and name recognition. The more trust and the more name recognition the more effective you online chiropractic marketing.

There is one category which offers high trust and high name recognition and that is online chiropractic marketing to you past patients.

Even better or more effective online chiropractic marketing is to find the 3 percent of you past patients who have referred in two or more patients and target them. They have already shown they know like and trust you and are willing to repeatedly go out of there way for you.

The best online chiropractic marketing system to use to stimulate new patients is using e-mail with a video of you and a relevant message.

There is only one stipulation and that is you must stay in contact with them and not just contact them when you want referrals.

The frequency of contact should be a minimum of twice a month. However the material should be what they want and not what you want to push on them.

At Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems we set up and show chiropractors exactly how this is done.

Any time you need new patients it is as easy as turning on the new patient faucet.

14 Key Points Online Chiropractic Marketing

There are 14 Emotional Triggers that Will Increase the Effectiveness of Online Chiropractic Marketing

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The role of Online Chiropractic Marketing is to attract potential chiropractic new patients Using the Internet.

There are 14 key points each piece of online chiropractic marketing should have to increase its effectiveness.

Theses 14 points range from stating the primary big benefit of the target market, how the solution works, what happens if you do not use the solution to some of the results of the solution.

These are just a few of the 14 online chiropractic marketing major points which we place in our chiropractic marketing.

Remember, the more of the 14 points that is in the online chiropractic marketing the greater the effectiveness of drawing in more new patients looking for chiropractors.

Google Local Online Chiropractic Marketing

The Local Google Listing is the 3rd Highest Sourced of Potential for New Patients

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There are only 6 sources that new patients will typically go when search for a chiropractor. Understanding and gong to where these 6 sources are will increase the number of online chiropractic marketing new patients.

The first place new patients turns to seek chiropractic care is a trusted source such as a referral. A trusted source is always the number one place any consumer goes when they want a product or service.

The second place is there insurance company on the internet. They are looking for providers who are close to them who are on their plans. Chiropractic patients know they will pay less if the provider is on their insurance plan.

The third place chiropractic patients seek a chiropractor is Google for Business. Understanding and applying the principles of Google for you Online Chiropractic Marketing will attract patients seeking chiropractic care.

One of the 10 systems we offer at Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems is Google for Business.

For more information on Online Chiropractic Marketing for New Patients give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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