20 Billion Youtube Visitors Month by Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems

Dr. Paul Hollern, Online Chiropractic Marketing Expert

There was a recent press release that the number of Youtube visitors a month has passed 20 Billion. Need any more proof your online chiropractic marketing should be heavy on videos use.

At online chiropractic marketing we do something on other major chiropractic online marketing company does, we produce custom videos of each of our chiropractic doctors using 16 different keywords. We take over 200 videos of the chiropractor and then recode several to come up with  over 600 videos for your online chiropractic marketing.

We then take those 600 custom chiropractic videos with 16 different keywords and send them to over 20 video sharing sites such as Youtube and many more. We now do this twice a year creating over 24,000K videos of the chiropractor promoting their office for online chiropractic marketing.

Custom videos is just one of the methods to marketing your chiropractic practice on the internet. As you can see with Youtube getting over 20 billion views a month, you might want to get your personal and custom online chiropractic marketing systems started.

Give me a call, we can make chiropractic online marketing videos happen for your chiropractic office. Call 813-480-1693.

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