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Common Online Chiropractic Marketing Website Mistake

First Impressions for your Chiropractic Online Marketing Count

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When potential patients go to your website they are getting a first impression. As you know first impression are made in a few seconds and are often irreversible.

Give a professional image in your online chiropractic marketing. Use professional images and videos.

Do NOT use Glamor Shots for your Professional Images

Your website “feel” will often be the deciding factor if you get the call.

Wasted Online Chiropractic Marketing Website Space

Above the Fold Most Important Website Space

Another common website mistake is to use space for less important content in what is called “above the fold”. Above the fold comes from the days of the newpaper. It is the most looked at content on the website.

This video shows a common chiropractic website mistake “Wasted Important Space”

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The most important material you can have above the fold is answering your patients questions fast.

The average person spends less than 7 seconds on a headline. If the headline grabs their attention your have only the next 150 to grab their attention.

It happens fast. People read online 20% less than on paper and only 20% of the content on websites.

Use the “Above the Fold Real Estate” for eyecating headlines that answer your patients most basic questions “How can you help their problem”.

When it comes to online chiropractic marketing

Get straight to the main benefit fast