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Online Chiropractor Marketing Systems Attracts 71 New Patients Month

Online Chiropractic Marketing Educational Sales Creates 71 New Patients a Month

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There are three types of marketing; publicity, advertising and educational sales.

Each type of online chiropractic marketing has a highly specific purpose and success rate.

The reason each type of marketing is highly variable is each is designed to affect one of the three factors by which patients make buying decisions.

The three factors which need to be affected to result in a buying decision is; need, obstacles and trust.

Publicity only affects trust, while advertising affects trust and obstacles. However educational sales affects all three; need, obstacles and trust.

the is the reason why knowledge of educational sales can reach the 92% of the population not seeking chiropractic care.

This is exactly what this chiropractor did to create 71 new patients a month without any advertising.

How to Use Online Chiropractic Marketing to Wish Your Patients Happy Birthday

Dr. Paul Hollern, Online Chiropractic Marketing

Every body knows you should wish your patients a happy birthday. Most chiropractors will send a postcard.

The best method of contacting your past patients and wishing them a happy birthday is by using your high definition web-cam, e-mail and online chiropractic marketing.

These are the many benefits of using a high definition web-cam to make a video wishing your patients a happy birthday.

  • 55% of how we communicate is visual
  • Videos of the chiropractor create an emotional response unlike a postcard.
  • Videos can be sent free using e-mail and include the video link.

For you top referring patients send a personal video message and be sure to say something personal you remember about that patients. For the rest of your patients a group video of your staff with a unique message will suffice.

When my chiropractic clients start sending out video messages of the chiropractor to the past patients wishing them a happy birthday they typically get a call to the patient expresses how unique it was for them to receive such a personal birthday message.

Go ahead and use online chiropractic marketing instead of postcards to your past patients for their birthday, they will remember you!

Personal Injury Marketing for Chiropractors Six Systems

Dr. Paul Hollern, Presidents Award

Dr. Paul Hollern, Presidents Award

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing Expert

Our online chiropractic PI marketing systems uses six systems to help chiropractors market their practice for PI patients.

The six personal injury marketing for chiropractors systems are:

  1. Using e-mail to past patients with video links of the chiropractors offering a compelling PI message.
  2. Offering present patients DVD with the chiropractor offering a compelling message.
  3. Organic Internet saturation using the chiropractor in videos, blogs and news articles to saturate the web.
  4. Pay per click automated chiropractor video messaging and followup.
  5. Automated PI attorney marketing using the chiropractor in videos offering a compelling message with automated video followup.
  6. Medical practitioner video messaging of the chiropractor once again offering a compelling message with automated followup.

If your interested in increasing your PI case load, give online chiropractic marketing systems a call for your personal injury marketing for chiropractors at 813-480-1693.