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Casual Clothing

Common Online Chiropractic Marketing Website Mistake

First Impressions for your Chiropractic Online Marketing Count

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When potential patients go to your website they are getting a first impression. As you know first impression are made in a few seconds and are often irreversible.

Give a professional image in your online chiropractic marketing. Use professional images and videos.

Do NOT use Glamor Shots for your Professional Images

Your website “feel” will often be the deciding factor if you get the call.

Older Americans using more Social Media

Social Media Now Good Demographic for Online Chiropractic Marketing

Social media was considered a young person activity. If so, that would not fit into the basic age demographic of the chiropractic patient based on research from the NIH.

Largest demographic group for chiropractic utilization is 35 to 55 y/o female

Social media usage among 65 years and older have doubled in the last year.

In the 50 to 64 age group, it went up 88 percent.


  • 47%of adults between 50 and 64 years old use social networking sites, and more than a quarter.
  • 26% of senior citizens do the same.
  • Among all adults, social media usage jumped 33% over the past year.
  • Nearly two-thirds of all U.S. adults involved in social networking online.
  • Average time spent on Facebook alone 28 minutes.

Three reasons for the growing popularity of social networking among older Americans:

  1. It enables them to reconnect with people from their past.
  2. It enables them to find support in times of poor health and chronic disease.
  3. It enables communication across generation gaps.

Number two offers a great opportunity for chiropractors using online marketing systems to share natural health care information and advice for health and chronic disease.

90 to 230 Patient Visits with Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems

In 10 weeks Dr. Lane went from 90 to 230 patient visits using Dr. Paul Hollerns Chiropractic Internet Marketing

Your office can have a threefold jump in business when you know what to do.

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I’ve opened 77 chiropractic offices in 20 states. After that kind of work it doesn’t take long to spot where the problem areas are in a chiropractic practice. A brief statistical analysis in the hands of someone that knows how to read statistics can do wonders.

I’m often asked how did you get around to all those offices?

I didn’t is my answer.

I read the business statistics and that told me where to focus the attention of that particular office. That’s part one of the equation.

Part two of the equation is knowing what to do. After dealing with 77 different chiropractor’s and their personalities you get to see quit a bit. From the real reasons the business is not doing well to excuses.

Bottom line-If you understand the S-curve of economics and the principles of marketing: advertising, sales, promotions, etc. any seasoned business person can make an intelligent decision on what needs to be done next.

“Sometimes you just can’t see the forest through the practice”

The single most important reason the chiropractors I consult do not do well, they are in a state of what Tony Robbins calls unconscious incompetence. It’s the worst place to be in any aspect of your life.

It’s when you don’t know what you don’t know-this is what happened to Dr. Lane for 5 years.

With a good attitude as was the case with Dr. Lane, the sky’s the limit.

Between my experience and knowledge and his good attitude is how his practice when from 90 to 230 patient visits in 10 weeks.

That’s an annual income increase of over 200k annually

If you want to do better with your business but you just cant’s seem to break out of cycle, give me a call. I specialize in online chiropractic marketing and building chiropractic practices.