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How to Attract Chiropractic PI Patients From Your Office Sign

The Chiropractors Office Sign Easily Attracts PI Patients

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The best method to attract chiropractic PI patients from your sign is to offer a compelling message on your sign which sends them to a free video sales presentation.

Every day there are personal injury patients driving by your office that are not being captured.

One of the easiest methods to attract chiropractic PI patients is from the proper utilization  of you office sign.

The compelling message attracts their attention, the free video link is a easy method to visually talk to these potential patients.

There are three types of marketing, publicity, advertising and educational sales. Each type of marketing has a specific function and a different degree of effectiveness.

The best option is a educational sales video. The reason the educational sales video is the best is it effects need, obstacles and trust. The three components of a purchase when done right.

You have to remember two percent of the population is in auto accident injuries every year.

So if you take the number of cars passing your office every day and multiple it times two percent and then divide by twelve for each month this is the potential number of chiropractic PI patients that are traveling by your office every day.

Once the promotion is in place there are not other costs yet the market keeps working for you.


The Single Most Overlooked Chiropractic PI Patient Marketing

Insurance Videos Are The Single Most Overlooked PI Marketing

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There are six locations the typical chiropractic PI patient will search for a chiropractor.

The second location where chiropractic PI patients look for chiropractors is searching there insurance company for a chiropractor.

Even though car insurance does not have providers the public at large has been trained by major medical insurance to google their insurance to find a chiropractor who accepts there insurance and is in there location.

The marketing strategy to attract these chiropractic PI patients is to create insurance videos.

Car insurance video are videos which answer the chiropractic PI patients most common questions with an offer to come in.

The videos are then search engine optimized for the insurance keywords and location. So when chiropractic PI patients google those keywords the insurance video comes up and answers their common questions with an offer.

The chiropractic PI marketing system is more effective in urban areas than rural areas.

For more information how to attract chiropractic PI patients give use a call at 813-480-1693.

Your First Online Chiropractic Marketing System

Start With the Most Effective Marketing

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Chiropractors often ask me which marketing will get you business fast.

The answer is based on trust and name recognition. The more trust and the more name recognition the more effective you online chiropractic marketing.

There is one category which offers high trust and high name recognition and that is online chiropractic marketing to you past patients.

Even better or more effective online chiropractic marketing is to find the 3 percent of you past patients who have referred in two or more patients and target them. They have already shown they know like and trust you and are willing to repeatedly go out of there way for you.

The best online chiropractic marketing system to use to stimulate new patients is using e-mail with a video of you and a relevant message.

There is only one stipulation and that is you must stay in contact with them and not just contact them when you want referrals.

The frequency of contact should be a minimum of twice a month. However the material should be what they want and not what you want to push on them.

At Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems we set up and show chiropractors exactly how this is done.

Any time you need new patients it is as easy as turning on the new patient faucet.

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