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Personal Online Chiropractic Marketing Video’s

Dr. Paul Hollern Conducts Personal Chiropractic Video Interviews

The interview has shown to have the greatest impact for visual or video marketing. This is why infomercials use the interview style when trying to educate their potential market.

Look at the Chiropractic Infomercial Interview at these sites:

Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems uses the same technique with chiropractic internet marketing. After practicing chiropractic for 16 years I certainly know the questions your chiropractic patients are asking.

I simply set up the interview with you the chiropractor as the authority figure.

It makes it simple for the chiropractor to answer my questions and if they get stuck, I’m there to keep the interview rolling.

The focue of the interview is to answer the common questins patients would have about that topic. Every now and then ask the question the patient wants to ask but is afraid.

By asking and answering the questions the patients would naturally ask we give them exactly what they want.

Since moving the chiropractic video style from having the doctor face the camera and answer one question at a time to the interview style the time of viewer-ship has gone from 3 minutes to 11.

I highly suggest you use the effective infomercial or interview style for your online chiropractic marketing.

Give me a call, I give personal and automated online marketing for the low tech chiropractor.

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