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Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing: Colossus

The software that insurance company’s use to evaluate auto accident claims

Many auto insurance companies now use the Colossus computer program to evaluate the claims of auto accident victims. Colossus is software used by insurance companies to aid in predicting the settlement value of injury claims.

Colossus is used by more than 50 percent of the nation’s claim adjusters and by more than 300 insurance companies.

Out of the top 20 U.S. Property and Casualty Insurers, 13 are using Colossus

Colossus is kept secret by the insurance companies that use it.

The software favors the insurance companies. First, the values one receives are by definition a function of the information input. You never know what information the adjuster has input.

The program does not consider subjective elements of the case that are impossible to quantify such as restrictions of activities of daily activities.

During a trial pain and suffering are proven through the testimony of the injured parties. A computer software program cannot quantify emotional distress, inability to have sexual relations, or quantify the lack of ability to tie your shoes.

In a trial, a jury determines the value of a claim, and juries listen to and considers many of the factors that Colossus ignores. More importantly the human component.

Colossus has no way to evaluate any of the subjective elements that may increase the jury’s award.

Each victim is merely a compilation of numbers in the Colossus program.

Experienced personal injury attorneys and chiropractors know how Colossus works and how to obtain the best settlements when working against insurance companies that use the program.

The chiropractor who wishes to have a PI practice should be some what familiar with the program.

The key is to ensure the adjustors understand that the victim is an individual, not a number.

The adjustors need to believe that the attorney and chiropractor will take the case to trial if necessary.

How to Quickly and Easily

Increase your PI Referrals

As an expert witness Dr. Paul Hollern won the largest jury verdict for a personal injury case in his county.

Dr. Hollern has opened 77 chiropractic offices in 20 states. Those offices averaged over 40K New Patients a year.

Dr. Paul describes how to automate your PI referral marketing.