The Absolute Worst Chiropractic PI Marketing Message

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing

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The worst message you can use for your chiropractic marketing message is a message that is totally irrelevant, is pleasure based and any of your competitors can do or say.

If you want your chiropractic PI marketing to have meaning it must me relevant to your target market. To be relevant to your target market you must have a message which affects the target market primary need, secondary need or value system.

Any chiropractic PI marketing message which does not include one of or all three of these components will not only be irrelevant but chances are any of your competitors can meet.

If you message is based on your services then they surely will not care. As a consumer we do not care about any company or business until that business has shown that can can solve one of our primary problems.

Many times chiropractors promote chiropractic and I often ask the chiropractors who use this type of message if they care about the philosophy of dentistry or the founder of optometry. Mostly the chiropractors look stunned. They feel so comfortable marketing what they know they forget this is not the very reason why they chose products or services.

So when choosing a chiropractic PI marketing message be sure to use your target markets primary or secondary need or value system.

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