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Chiropractic Online Marketing Valentines Day Promotion

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

One of the nicest promotions my clients do all year is on Valentines Day. On this particular day the chiropractors hand out white carnations to all the female patients and a small box of chocolates.

Each female patient that is seen that day name is placed in a drawing for a free massage.

The Valentines Day promotion is one of my favorites. It offers many advantages.

  • Opportunity to show you care
  • Opportunity to give
  • Opportunity to recognize, appreciate and approve

These are basic characteristics of the human race.

We all like to feel appreciated

On this particular day it is an opportunity to show our patients we care for them as people not just patients.

One of my clients is an older gentleman and it is well know by his female patients to stop in on Valentines Day for a flower and gift.

You cannot buy this type of good will.

And of course you need to take a few short video clips within your office showing the doctor giving carnations and gifts to all the female patients that day and picking the winner of the massage drawing.

You then take this video clip and upload it to YouTube and send the link to your patient base sharing with them the activities of the day for you chiropractic online marketing.

A human story is a very powerful promotion money cannot buy.

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