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The Basics of the 3 Phases of Healing

Healing Phases Used for PI Case Management, Narratives, Depositions and Testimony

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The physiological facts of the three phases of healing I have used for many aspects of personal injury case management.

First, the phases are used for justification of therapeutic protocols and objectives.

Second, the narratives reference each phase as to the protocol and the quantifying benchmarks.

Third, the phases are used in depositions and trial testimony offering a scientific approach to treatment protocols, need for care and defining maximum medical improvement, prognosis and permanency of injury.

Personal Injury Attorney Marketing Common Mistakes Video

Dr. Paul Hollern, Personal Injury Attorney Marketing Expert 

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Colossus PI Seminar Tampa FL

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing

Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Matthew J. DeGaetano: MD Validations – Personal Injury Institute – Personal Injury University

Three reasons I created this seminar for my clients.

1. PI documentation integrating financial drivers to maximize PI Attorney Value.

2. Bases of PI Attorney marketing system “How to Maximize PI Attorney Compensation”

3. I’m creating a PI Attorney marketing program for my clients called: PI Attorney Soft Tissue Compensation, Colossus 101.

An automated video presentation by my clients marketing to your PI Attorneys.

More on this PI Marketing at the seminar.

PI Seminar on Colossus

Colossus: How it Relates to PI Cases, PI Attorney Marketing

  • Specifically:
  • Documentation
  • Diagnosis
  • Narrative Reports
  • SOAP Notes

Why Colossus: Doctor as Factor

Resolving a claim short of trial is dependent upon two main factors:

1.    Physician’s ability to chart the factors of value to Colossus,

2.    Lawyer’s specific formatting of the demand letter.

As a general consideration, physicians are the single most important aspect of a Colossus case. The healthcare provider’s records are the only source of information that adjustors are allowed to enter into Colossus, other than their own personal observations of the claimant.

When: Saturday January 28, Time: 8:30am-12:30pm

Where: Holiday Inn Express Stadium 4750 NORTH DALE MABRY HIGHWAY TAMPA, FLORIDA 33614

Hotel Front Desk: 001-813-877-6061

Cost: Free for Online Chiropractic Marketing Clients and Chiropractic Students, $97 for Non Clients

Register: (813) 480-1693

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