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How Chiropractic Online Marketing Systems Attract New Patients

Dr. Paul Hollern, Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems

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For more information on how online chiropractic marketing can attract new patients for your chiropractic office.

Free Training Chiropractic Marketing Online

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Marketing Online

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Top 3 searches new patients will Google for a chiropractor online before they make the first phone call.

  1. Some of the common sources new patients will search are the location of a chiropractor.
  2. New Patients will also search their insurance company online to see who is on their plan and is in their vicinity.
  3. New patients will also search for their condition online looking for solutions to their problems.

These are the top 3 searches for potential new patients when picking a chiropractor.

If your chiropractic marketing online strategy does not cover one or all of these factors you will miss out on the majority of new patients looking for a chiropractor in your city.

I have created a free training for chiropractic marketing online. It is call 15 steps to the first page of Google.

To relieve your free training on the specifics of chiropractic marketing online just follow the link and sign up.

There are several methods to marketing your chiropractic practice online these are just a few:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Location
  • Conditions Potential Patients Search
  • Insurance Information Patients Search
  • Pay Per Click

The new patient of today using the internet 67% of the time before the make their first appointment with a doctor. If you are not in front of this business when they are ready to make the call you can be assure you will not get the call.

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