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Introducing Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Show

Soon to be released internet tv show on personal injury marketing

Shortly we will be starting a new internet TV show called “Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Show”. The show will feature myself Dr. Paul Hollern and Dr. Steve Wilson chiropractic neurologist.

The show will focus on several factors:

  • How to process a personal injury patient for maximum claim compensation
  • PI attorney marketing
  • MD marketing for PI patients
  • How to market for personal injury patients
  • Billing and coding solutions
  • Necessary record-keeping
  • Courtroom and deposition testimony tactics

These are just a few of the major topics that will be included in the weekly personal injury internet TV show.

The show will be followed up with a workshop on personal injury marketing. The first workshop will be May 21 in Tampa FL. Give our office a call to learn more about how you can attend.

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