PI Marketing for Chiropractors: PI Attorney Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing Expert

When marketing to PI attorneys your message must consider their wants and needs. Most PI attorneys would like to make more money from their present cases. Your marketing message must be how to increase the financial recovery for their PI cases. If you have the ability to maximize the financial recovery for legitimate injuries the PI attorney will refer and use your services. How to maximize the financial recovery for PI attorneys is based on the following message. Four message to increase value for PI attorney. Three phase of healing, objective lesion, quantify lesion, report lesion.

Three phase healing important of PI attorney. Illustrates with knowledge injury normal again. The question is after the injury heals is the dysfunction affecting the ADL or work limitations or restrictions. The financial compensation for an injury is based in part on the limitations of activities of daily living and restrictions to perform their job function.

Objectify lesion objective proof is valued more than subjective. Objective evidence is necessary to establish injury. I n the past soft tissue lesion were difficult . Today there are several methods to substantiate soft tissue lesions.

Quantify lesion AMA Guides impairment guidelines are used to quantify an injury for reimbursement purposes. Knowledge of the rule of impairment help substantiate financial recovery.

Report writing know case value. PI report writing has it’s owns set of rules and guidelines lack of proper PIP report will limit financial recovery.

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