Accident Injury Patient Lead Generation

Dr. Paul Hollern

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The most effective accident injury lead generation involves several components. The is most important ot understand about accident injury lead generation is about taking what you may call a warm lead and increase the awareness of the solution to the problem as well as increase trust and confidence.

All this is done while also decreasing the potential patients defenses and resistance.

How accident injury lead generation is performed utilizes these main components.

  • Target specific headline
  • Capture e-mail page
  • Videos of the doctor

The focus of the accident injury lead generation is to capture contact information for regular follow up.

The follow up can occure in may forms, some of the best methods are e-mail and video.

The high use and low cost of e-mail makes it one of the best accident injury lead generation methods.

What tops off the best form of accident injury lead generation is the use of videos with the doctor in the video.

This combination of accident injury lead generation can be one of the most effective forms lead genertion.

For more information on how accident injury lead generation can work for you give me a call at 813-480-1693.