Skills Needed For Chiropractic Internet Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Internet Marketing Expert

Often I’m asked what are the basic necessary skills needed for effective chiropractic internet marketing.

This is the short list:

  • Knowledge search engine optimization
  • WordPress blog knowledge
  • Sales copy knowledge
  • Marketing knowledge
  • Advertising knowledge
  • Sales knowledge
  • Video production knowledge
  • Video editing knowledge
  • Basic business knowledge such as knowing Gateways, Primary obstacles, Secondary obstacles, Common questions, how to handle time and money.

This is the short list of what it takes for me to run my chiropractic internet marketing business.

After I explain what knowledge is needed the most common response I receive is I’d rather just practice chiropractic.

As is with any profession my suggestion is to hire and surround yourself with people of expertise to funnel business for your expertise.

Spending your time doing what you love and make the most money doing is the best use of your time and energy.

Chiropractic Internet Marketing Should Be Subcontracted Out Just as Your CPA or Insurance Person

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