This is a representation of the significance of matching your keyword in the domain name as it relates to Google vs. Bing.

One of the important factors in SEO and getting on the first page of Google is to use the key word in your domain name.

To many times chiropractors use a personal name or an industry name as a keyword. An example would be vs.

Both words are relevant to the chiropractor but not to the public at large or the Google spiders. The Google spiders are trying to think more and more like humans.

This graph shows the importance on SEO by using then domain name your potential patients are putting in the search box not what you the chiropractor think they should put in.

Query Matching in the Domain Name

Bing vs. Google - Query Matching in the Domain Name

Our interpretation and conclusions:

  • Exact match domains appear to continue their powerful level of influence in both search engines, though I think many SEOs will be surprised to see Google actually has a higher correlation with ranking exact match domains higher (when they appear on page 1 of the results) than Bing.
  • Hyphenated exact matches certainly appear to be less influential, though they’re more frequent (Google: 271 results contained these vs. Bing: 890)
  • Just having keywords in the domain name has substantive positive correlation (Thus, for example, if I wanted to rank for the word “dog,” the domain would fit with this correlation point)
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