Search Engine Optimize Online Chiropractic Marketing

Place your key word in the title tag

Optimizing your web-page includes 7 components for optimal search engine optimization. Of the seven the title tag is probably the most important tag.

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Be sure to place your keyword in the title tag of all your online chiropractic marketing media.

You would be surprised how may website I evaluate that do not have the chiropractors keyword in the title tag. Or if they do have a keyword in the title tag it is not a very well researched keyword.

Remember those keywords are what make your content come up on the first page of Google when a potential patient enters words into the search box.

3 components to chiropractic internet marketing:

  1. Well researched keywords
  2. Content well optimized
  3. Content well optimized and distributed

Leave a comment, let me know what your using for your keywords!

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