Say NO To Online Chiropractic Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Online Chiropractic Marketing Expert

When most business are asking you to purchase I tell you 3 reasons you should not participate in online chiropractic marketing.

  1. You are about to retire
  2. You do not understand it
  3. Your return on investment does not justify it

Your are about to retire:

If you are about to retire you may want to consider ramping down all your marketing efforts. Online chiropractic marketing becomes more effective the longer you do it. ( back-links)

You do not understand it:

It goes to say you should not spend very much time or money on marketing you do not understand. Online chiropractic marketing has many moving parts and some chiropractors just do not understand how to leverage this form of chiropractic marketing. It has been my experience this type of chiropractor is a techno phoebe.

Your return on investment does not justify it:

As with any form of marketing you should have a clear expectation of your return on investment. The less you know about online chiropractic marketing the chances are the lower your return on investment. I guarantee my clients a 100% ROI.

These are the most prevalent reasons you should not use online chiropractic marketing in your marketing mix.

For more information on how online chiropractic marketing can benefit your chiropractic practice give me a call at 813-480-1693.


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