This was a recent response from my Chiropractic Marketing Videos.

I have to tell you, I have found your videos VERY useful and I actually use them quite often to learn what I have to do to get started.

Before I ask my question, let me give you a brief fill-in about my situation.

I recently lost my assoc position (Oct 09) and I’m collecting unemployment. I want to start up my own practice but my credit is God-awful. I’m behind in student loan payments b/c I have been trying to keep my house. Anyway, like I said my credit is bad and my chances of getting a business loan are pretty slim to none.

I was browsing through some of the local chamber of commerce web sites and I came across one chamber in a town that I would love to live & practice in. The great news?! They are offering a small business loan grant. I feel that this is my shot. Unfortunately I don’t know how to write a grant, read a grant or research for a grant! I want this thing soooo bad.

I was playing around on the computer a few weeks ago and came across a demographic site (as you were explaining on one of your videos). I entered this same town and the demo/geo/psych is perfect. Unfortunately there are an over abundance of chiros in this town …. but none of them are women! Possibly a bonus for me?!

I know you mentioned that you went through an outside source to get all your demographics, would you recommend I do the same? Remember, I really don’t have any funding coming in and I am in some serious debt.

Also, whom would you recommend I see regarding writing up this grant? I want it to be professional, I NEED it to be professional. I want this grant. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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