Place Proximity Keyword Chiropractic Website Headline

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Website Expert

It is very important to have your proximity keyword in your chiropractic website headline.

The proximity keyword is the geographical location your patients will Google when searching for a chiropractor.

The are three main reasons why you need to have your proximity keyword in your chiropractic website:

  1. Google will recognize that location and index your site relative to the proximity keyword.
  2. The headline is important because Google give greater credibility to keywords in the headline.
  3. Patients who are looking for that location will feel they are at the right spot when they see the proximity keyword in the headline.

So first do your research and find out what your patient base would Google if looking for a chiropractor.

Next be sure that keyword is in the headline of your chiropractic website.

When I was opening offices this was so important we named the chiropractic facility the name of the proximity keyword.

Remember the primary reasons people will pick a chiropractor is the office location relative to that persons home or work.

People want to travel the least when choosing a chiropractic facility so be sure when you research and place the proximity keyword in the headline of your chiropractic website.

Even better name your chiropractic facility that geographical location so it also appears in the domain name. This is another major factor Google will look at when indexing your site for searches.

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