Personal Injury Workshops for Chiropractors

Monthly Online Chiropractic Personal Injury Workshops

Each month PI workshops are offered online for chiropractors. Sit in the comport of your office at lunch and learn how to market and manage your PI cases.

These are just a short list of the topics:

PI Workshops include:

  • Personal Injury Marketing
  • PI Case Management
  • Colossus and PI report writing
  • Impairment Rating
  • How to Document PI Cases
  • How to perform a consultation that will hold up in court or depositions
  • How to prepare for a deposition
  • How to prepare for court
  • How to dispel chiropractic negatives

Workshops last about 1.5 hours and are delivered in front of a live audience capturing and answering the questions as they arise.

Watch and learn Personal Injury as I share the the marketing technique that opened 77 chiropractic offices in 20 states.

I’ll be interviewing the best and brightest in the chiropractic profession of personal injury marketing and management.

All workshops include handouts given during the live workshop.

Ask questions which will be answered via e-mail or if enough interest in that particular topic a workshop will be presented on the topic.

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Paul Hollern: Chiropractic Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Internet PI Marketing Expert, openedĀ  77 office in 20 states, past speaker at Logan, Parker, Texas and Life.

Dr. Steve Wilson: Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, post graduate speaker at three chiropractic colleges for diplomat in neurology.



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