PI Marketing for Chiropractors Industrial Terms

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing Expert

Many time when doctors call to ask about my services they tell me they know how to process a PI patient.

Processing a PI patient is not just treating the patient and ringing up their bill.

I’ll ask if the doctor knows PI marketing for chiropractors industry terms such as:

  • Impairment vs. disability
  • Describe the three phases of healing in regards to each tissue type
  • Colossus report writing
  • Primary drivers
  • Three methods of how personal injury patient is compensated
  • Duties of duress
  • Lifetime of enjoyment of activities

These are just a few of the common PI marketing for chiropractors industrial terms.

This is the primary reason our PI marketing for chiropractors offers three PI seminars a year to our clients. To get them up to speed on how to properly process and document the PI case.

If your interested in increasing your PI case load give me a call, we specialize in PI marketing for chiropractors.

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