PI Marketing for Chiropractors: Colossus Body Injury Software

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Marketing Expert

Three programs are used to evaluate personal injury settlements are:

1. Colossus- By far the most heavily used of the three

2. Claims Outcome Advisor

3. Insurance Claims Evaluation by Automatic Data Processing

Economic Damages: Refers to the monetary restitution for things like lost wages, ongoing health care, and necessary alterations to one’s living space. The amount of these expenses is determined by a vocational rehabilitation expert, an accountant and/or an economist.

Non Economic Damages: Refers to those paid for the inability to perform one’s favorite activities, the beginning of arthritis, the experience of ongoing pain, the loss of credit caused by an ongoing injury, the suffering caused by a traumatic psychological condition.

Colossus, et al. are used to determine the value of injury cases for settlement in approx. 70% of all bodily injury cases. The way in which the computer determines the value is obtained from one source- THE DOCTOR’S RECORDS!

PI marketing for chiropractors uses this information to market to potential PI attorneys.

We have developed a 7 step system for PI marketing for chiropractors to increase your PI case load. If your interested in PI marketing for chiropractors give use a call at (813) 480-1693.

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