PI Marketing for Chiropractors: Best PI Attorney Characteristics

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Internet Marketing Expert

PI Marketing for Chiropractors starts with a target market. Your target market represents your optimal client.

When marketing for PI patients and focusing on PI attorneys your list should be based on demographics, geographic s, and psychographics. This is a partial list of optimal PI marketing for chiropractors attorney list.

Lawyer is reasonably selective (turns down 10-70% of cases)

• Variable firm size-fair to good work product

• Fair trial verdict outcome with some moderately high verdicts

• Dictated or typed communication of case by lawyer

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• Case value between $5,000-$500,000

• Length of representation based on the reasonable offer made to a client, or if litigation is necessary

• Pre-litigation settlements are favored, but these lawyers will go to trial

• Firm accepts 50-300 clients per lawyer at a time

• Lawyer has a mild to advanced level of knowledge of medical conditions affecting their client data base

• Lawyer has mild to moderate desire to improve their legal skills

• Time or money constraints make these lawyers slow to change.

• Most likely to “rock the boat” for bad faith claims, IME results and patient advocacy issues.

• Often respected by their peers and the public, but are treated lukewarm by defense lawyers and the insurance industry

• Are very realistic with clients about the expectations for their case outcome

• Generally use a cooperative style more than an ultra-aggressive approach

• May or may not recommend alternative therapies for their clients

• May have ads up to Yi page

• More likely to have a web site for clients

• Often ask providers to reduce their bills

• Are familiar with Colossus and are interested in better serving their clients with this knowledge or in pursuing lawsuits against insurance carriers.

• Almost never personally take medical malpractice cases.


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