PI Marketing for Chiropractors: Bad PI Attorneys

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Internet Marketing Expert

All chiropractic PI marketing starts with a target market. A target market is a representative sample of your best clients. Target markets involve segmenting demographics, psychographics and geographic s.

When using PI marketing for chiropractors and selecting a list of PI attorneys to market stay away from the lower level PI attorneys. This is a short list of lower level PI attorney characteristics.

1. Lower Tier.

• Takes almost any case

• Represent people with dubious backgrounds

• Few lawyers and many paralegals have one page demand reports and include some of the records for settlement

• Case outcome average is less than $5,000

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• Cases settled quickly

• Cases never taken to trial

• Clients don’t get phone calls returned

• Fair to poor “out of court” work product quality

• Poor to fair trial outcome record

• Lawyer has no clue whether he/she represents the client.

• The firm accepts more than 300 cases per year

• Have poor level of knowledge of conditions which affect their client base

• Exhibit little desire to increase their legal skills/medical knowledge. Don’t want to “rock the boat” to get a better settlement for their client.

• The firm has a poor reputation among the law and insurance industries

• Make the client believe that they are going to “win the lottery” with their case

• Have an overaggressive Rambo-like quality in front of the client, but process each case in the same manner.

• Clients never to rarely meet the attorney, only the assistants Not supportive to alternative health care providers. Often ask providers to “cut their bills” because the settlement was insufficient. Rarely participate in legal trade organizations.

• Do not get asked to speak at continuing ed. Seminars.


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