Online Chiropractic Personal Injury Infomercials

Dr. Paul Hollern chiropractic internet marketing includes PI infomercial

Interviews have long been a strategic method to ease a viewer into watching content. My clients internet marketing sites have seen a significant boost in traffic and time on site. Both stronger chiropractic internet marketing indicators.

PI infomercials will increase your auto injury cases-take a look!

YouTube Preview Image

The average time spent on a website is 46 seconds. Average visitor on my clients sites average over 11 minutes. To put into perspective, Facebook averages 28 minutes per visit. That time on Facebook represents 25% of all time spent on the internet.

One of the goals of your online chiropractic marketing is to keep the persons interest. Over 2-3 minutes gets to be challenging. It sure would be very difficult with a text and picture only site.

Give me a call, I’ll tell you all about how it works.

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