PI Chiropractic Single Best Source

Dr. Paul Hollern, PI Chiropractic

I’m often asked what is the best source of PI Chiropractic New Patients. One of the first questions I respond back is “what is your definition of best PI chiropractic source”.

I really do know the answer to their question, it’s not really what is the best more then what is the easiest.

To keep things simple I”ll suggest from over 77 chiropractic offices experience what the PI Chiropractic Single Best Source is!

The answer is the same with any marketing endeavour, where there is the highest need and trust.

The category which fits the highest potential need and trust would be your past patients.

Your past patients are frequently overlooked and often not marketed. Your past patients should not only be your best source of PI Chiropractic patients but for that matter almost any patient.

Statistically speaking two percent of your past patients are in auto accidents annually. They have a circle of influence of 7 on average.

If you multiply your present patient base times seven and times two this would give you an idea of the potential marketing for PI Chiropractic patients.

On most occasions this number would more than satisfy the average chiropractor.

Yet more often than not chiropractors do not have a strong PI Chiropractic marketing systems for their past patients.

So before you run out in every direction marketing for PI Chiropractic patients, consider your patient base.

For help on setting up a automated PI Chiropractic marketing systems give us a call at 813-480-1693.

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