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Dr. Paul Hollern uses Personal Doctor Interviews for PI Marketing

In this video one of Dr. Hollern’s client is interviewed for the car injury topic “Common Car Injury Claim Mistakes”

YouTube Preview Image

The online PI chiropractic marketing is used for several formats.

  • Chiropractic PI internet marketing
  • Sent via e-mail to past patients for PI re-activations
  • In office new patient referrals
  • Combination internet-direct mail campaign

Content created with videos can be leveraged and marketed in many formats

The interview style of content distribution has shown to have significant impact to the viewer. They are much more likely to watch and not be defensive.

The interview should as I do always ask the questions the typical questions the patients would ask not industry information or what the doctor wants to say.

Using the doctor interview style has shown to have a much greater viewership and time on site.

If you interested in the PI chiropractic marketing systems give me a call at 813-4870-1693.

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