Personal Injury Seminar for Chiropractors Injury Segmentation

Which Personal Injury Should You Focus Your Marketing

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When you segment the personal injuries as they relate to the number you can see the vast number of injuries are connective tissue injuries.

In our personal injury seminar for chiropractors we focus on the injury which you will have the best opportunity to create value and the injury in which you will have little to no competition.

The personal injury marketing concept is called the law of category. It is better to know for something than not know for a lot.

However most chiropractors try to be everything to all attorneys and compete with medicine. This is a sure way to not be given credibility for anything which means no personal injury referrals.

In our personal injury seminar we share with you how to dominate the connective tissue marketing and be the primary player. So what does that mean? It means you have to stop trying to be the doctor for everything.

Lets face it, the chiropractor is not going to beat out the credibility of the neurosurgeon for disc documentation or the neurologist for NCV’s. Yet that is what the chiropractors are trying to do… be the me too candidate.

Our personal injury seminar for chiropractors show how to own a single category in the mind of your market.

For more information on personal injury seminar for chiropractors give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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